The starting point

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The targets of the European Commission for the Sustainable Energy, popularly known as “20-20-20 by 2020” *, require the active participation and cooperation of the Local Authorities.

In this direction, a pan European network named “Covenant of Mayors” has been created on the initiative of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank; it currently has almost four and a half thousand municipalities members. In consequence, a growing number of European Local Authorities has included Energy in the plans and in their daily practice.

A cross-border network of Local Authorities of the two countries, which will adopt the principles of sustainable energy and will develop similar plans and practices, would be consistent with this overall effort and would have beneficial effects in terms of saving energy and economic resources, as well as in the awareness of local communities concerning the principles and practices of the sustainable energy and generally in the protection of the environment. Finally, it would facilitate the access of the municipalities to the financial instruments of the European Investment Bank and would improve their readiness to claim funds from major EU programmes.

 * Primary energy savings by 20%, increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in final energy demand by 20% and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20% -compared to 1990 levels- by 2020.