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The ENERGYNET is an important initiative of five municipalities in the border region of Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to set up a network aimed at the promotion of the Sustainable Energy and the related policies of the European Union policies.

The five (5) Municipalities who participate to ENERGYNET are:

   1. Florina (Western Macedonia) – Lead partner of the project,

   2. Veles (Region of Vardar)

   3. Iraklia Serres (Region of Central Macedonia)

   4. Prilep (Region of Pelagonia) and

   5. Visaltia (Region of Central Macedonia).

The total project budget amounts to 763.554 Euro.

In Greece 75% is the contribution of the European Union, while the rest is national resources. In the case of FYROM, EU contributes 85% while the rest is state participation (10%) and partners’ own funds (5%).

The strategic objective of ENERGYNET is to promote the principles of the Sustainable Energy and the relevant policies of the EU.

The specific objectives of ENERGYNET are:

  • The introduction and the establishment of the Sustainable Energy Planning in the Municipalities.
  • Strengthening the organizational capacity of local authorities for energy.
  • Information and awareness of elected representatives, municipal staff and citizens.
  • Conducting pilot energy efficiency projects.

The anticipated results are:

  • The integration of the five municipalities to the pan-European thematic network of local authorities “Covenant of Mayors»
  • Energy saving and saving of economic resources
  • Awareness raising of local communities
  • Environmental protection
  • The access of municipalities to modern financial instruments
  • The readiness to demand resources from the European Union programmes.