Project Objectives

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The strategic objective of ENERGYNET is to promote the principles of the Sustainable Energy and the relevant policies of the EU.

The specific objectives of ENERGYNET are:

  • The introduction and the establishment of the Sustainable Energy Planning in the Municipalities. Energy, a parameter of paramount importance for the economy of a municipality and for the quality of life of citizens, there was not until recently taken due attention. So while Spatial planning, Urban Plans, Management Plans of Water resources or waste, are traditionally being developed by the Local Authorities, only recently we begun to discuss about and develop Energy Management Plans.
  • Strengthening the organizational capacity of local authorities for energy. While the municipalities feature structures for spatial and urban development, for technical design and construction, for environment, agriculture, etc., do not have similar structures for the design and monitoring of sustainable energy applications (energy savings, renewable sources etc.).
  • Information and awareness of elected representatives, municipal staff and citizens. Improving the situation requires creating “energy culture” at the individual level as well as in the society; it is crucial that energy to come to the foreground and also become concern of the elected, of the municipal staff and of every citizen.
  • Conducting pilot energy efficiency projects. Each municipality of ENERGYNET will perform one pilot work that will become good examples of limiting energy waste in buildings and in public lighting and will improve the efficiency of agricultural production.