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The Networking & Know-how exchange Actions aim at developing permanent links between the partners of the network and, also, at building communication channels for exchanging ideas, knowledge and information. The ultimate aim is the creation of a dynamic cooperation and of synergies on issues related to sustainable energy planning and applications.

The project managers and their deputies will meet regularly throughout the duration of the project in order to coordinate their actions, to ascertain the satisfactory progress of the project and of the scheduling; also, to take measures for the smooth and effective development. There are planned 5 such meetings; one in each partner, with the first in Florina.

In each municipality will be created and operates an “Energy Bureau / Observatory” which will have the main task of monitoring:

  • the development of aggregates related to energy production and consumption within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality,
  • the development of relevant projects of individuals and of the municipality itself, and
  • the implementation progress of the “Sustainable Energy Action Plans” for the timely satisfaction of the commitments made by the City to national and Community authorities.

In the medium term, it is possible the institutionalization of the offices within the municipalities organigrams.

They will take place in Nigrita and in Prilep, at a somewhat advanced stage of project development. Aimed at training Energy officers on Sustainable Energy issues, on Methodology aspects concerning the effective intervention of the Energy offices in the local communities etc.

Sustainable Energy Workshops

The project “Opening meeting” in Veles is aimed to the project managers and to their fellows

The project “Closing thematic conference” in Florina invites the above and furthermore all those interested in the Sustainable Energy and ENERGYNET project (participants in project activities, representatives of social and professional groups, scientists, etc) of all the municipalities of the network.

Closing conference ENERGYNET – Finalization

Through the actions of ENERGYNET (like the elaboration of the “Sustainable Energy Action Plans“) the five Municipalities will be prepared for their active membership to the pan-European energy thematic network CoM.