Expected Outputs

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The first and most important result of ENERGYNET will be the integration of the five municipalities to the pan-European thematic network of local authorities “Covenant of Mayors»; they will join their forces and will exchange their expertise with thousands of other European municipalities on sustainable energy maters.

Other expected from the project outcomes are:

  • Energy saving and because of this, saving of economic resources: The energy costs…
  • Awareness raising of local communities: Without concerned citizens and skilful personnel no change is possible to behaviours and practices.
  • Environmental protection: The reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) that aggravate the greenhouse effect and contribute to long-term increase in the average global temperature and in the climate change is very important to originate at local level.
  • The access of municipalities to modern financial instruments of the European Investment Bank et al.: Energy has costs and value. Greenhouse gases costs, too (Emissions Trading System). Therefore the energy efficiency improving projects (energy saving and production from RES) produce financial return. For this reason modern financial instruments have been designed and are addressed to the local authorities. Nowadays the municipalities can realize big scale energy efficiency improving projects by exploiting them.
  • The readiness to demand resources from the European Union programmes: The development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans, the proper training of the staff and the establishment and function of Energy Offices within the municipalities of ENERGYNET will increase their preparedness and their ability to locate effectively resources from European and national utilities.