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Dissemination & Awareness Actions aimed at disseminating the message and the content, i.e. the actions, the activities and the achievements of the project to the local communities and wider; also, to raise awareness among citizens and authorities.

Let’s learn, let’s care, let’s act for the Energy!” is the motto of ENERGYNET.

ENERGYNET has anticipated within its actions printed and electronic promotional material as a portal. Brochures, Posters and DVDs. Also The Communication Plan of a project that explores and proposes ways and means for the information and awareness of various public groups (target groups) which will accept the direct and indirect impact of the realization and implementation of the project.

Project Leaflet:


Project Brochure:

The five municipalities of the ENERGYNET network organize “Cross-border Energy Days” aiming at keeping informed the local societies about the objectives and the actions of the ENERGYNET, focusing on the specific issues of each participating area and on the priorities of the local societies concerning the adoption and the putting in force of the principles and practices of the Sustainable Energy.

Each municipality of ENERGYNET network selects three secondary schools where external experts will make presentations for the students. The presentations will refer to interesting sustainable energy topics (energy production from renewables, rational use and saving energy, EU policies, case studies, etc).

Carry out two cycles of seminars in the participating municipalities on issues of sustainable energy management (Local Sustainable Energy Planning, Renewable Energy Resources,, Energy content in the Wastes, Bioclimatic planning, Sustainable energy case studies, Animating the society). Τhe latest round of the awareness campaign for the staff of the municipalities bears the form of an information event to concerned citizens on specific energy issues.

Sensitization Campaigns in Municipal staff and locals / Final public event