Capitalization and application of knowledge

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Capitalization and application of knowledge to be introduced and systematized by municipalities through ENERGYNET, are the culmination of the project activities. The strategic plans that combine surveys and analysis of data concerning the energy situation in each municipality will be invaluable tools and heritage over time. Last but not least, pilot projects will make a good start to convert theory into practice.

In each municipality will be inspected by certified Energy Auditors buildings of a total area of 5.000 sq.m. Certificates of Buildings Energy Performance will be issued according to the existing legislation in the respective country.

The ENERGYNET core action! They are strategic plans by which the Municipalities:

  • firstly, identify and analyze the existing -regarding the consumption and production of energy- situation and
  • secondly, develop long-term plans concerning the energy conservation and the rational management, along with the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources throughout their territory.

The SEAP will be developed and their implementation will be monitored in accordance with the requirements of the Covenant of Mayors. Their time horizon will be the year 2020.

  1. Florina Sustainable Action Plan
  2. Iraklia Sustainable Action Plan
  3. Visaltia Sustainable Action Plan

Each municipality will implement a pilot project which will serve as the first good example of sustainable energy application with concrete results in terms of energy and cost savings; also, to reducing the GHGs emissions.