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In every action of the ENERGYNET will involve various audiences. For example, in awareness campaigns on school students will be selected three high schools from each municipality in which will take place presentations to their students. The awareness campaigns within the participating municipalities will implicate their staff along with elected, while the very last meeting will be open to any interested for the topic professional. In the workshops will participate members of the staff that work or involve on energy maters, while other employees of the municipalities and elected people with an interest in energy will be welcome to attend as observers.

The participants of each action are defined in details in the corresponding technical specifications.

The direct beneficiaries will be those who will participate in the actions e.g. the employees of Municipalities, listeners in open events, etc. However, there will be more, indirect beneficiaries as the involvement of the municipalities in sustainable energy issues along with the pilot works benefit the citizens, and thereby will act demonstratively for other municipalities of ENERGYNET and other networks. Also there will be produced promotional material that will inform and sensitize more extensive audiences.