Sensitization Campaigns in Municipal staff and locals / Final public event

The project is addressed to the local authorities (servants and elected), as well as to local professionals, scientists, engineers, citizens who maintain a special interest for the energy and the sustainable local development. The specific objectives of the seminars are:

  • To understand the need for the Energy rational management
  • To learn about the European policies for Sustainable Energy
  • To gain knowledge of the Energy production systems from Renewable Sources
  • To consider the objectives and the results of the Strategic energy planning
  • To familiarize themselves with the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
  • To get a view of the Waste management policies
  • To evaluate the instruments of the Urban bioclimatic design and resilience
  • To be aware about the modern applications of Sustainable energy
  • To be inspired by Best practices
  • To raise awareness of the entire local community
  • To contribute to the global effort for decreasing GHGs emissions and for tackling the change of the climate.

1st Cycle June – July 2016

2nd Cycle September – November 2016