Opening Meeting, Veles, October 2015

In the framework of the project “ENERGYNET” funded by the European Union within the IPA-CBC program, on October 29 and 30, 2015, the Municipality of Veles has organized the Thematic conference-opening meeting of the sustainable energy network of cross-border authorities. Representatives of the business sector of Veles, the Youth Council of the Municipality of Veles, students and representatives of the local public enterprises attend the event. The participants were informed about the project partnership, cooperation and specific activities directly from the Mayor of Veles, the Mayors of the Municipalities Visaltia and Heraclea, the Deputy Mayor of Florina and the Head of the LED Department for from Prilep. Leading municipal officials sent a message that the “ENERGYNET” is very important project for the cross-border cooperation between the two countries. The project as they has emphasized “represents a good basis on which all participants in the future will be able to rely, especially in the field of energy efficiency. The participants at the event has opportunity to follow the presentations on energy efficiency and sustainable energy perspectives for the local authorities. They have the opportunity to discuss the energy efficiency issues with present professionals and actively participate in the project  implementation. Around 100 persons participated at the two days event .

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