Sustainable Energy thematic network of cross-border Local Authorities

Lets act for Energy!


It is an important initiative of five municipalities in the border region Greece – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to set up a network to promote the Sustainable Energy and European Union policies that affect them.

The Sustainable Energy

By using renewable energy and reducing emissions of Greenhouse most notably carbon dioxide, which saves natural resources, protect the environment and create sustainable economic development conditions for present and future generations.

Lets act for Energy!

Saving energy at home every day and moving. The bioclimatic house design and outdoor spaces. By using energy generated from RES and recycling. Changing life standard. We pass the message to others!


Municipality of Florina
Municipality of Veles
Municipality of Irakleia
Municipality of Prilep
Municipality of Visaltia


Cross-border Energy Days

Sustainable Energy in schools 2015

Sensitization campaigns 2016

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